Australian phantom photographed in a wheelchairchair

Wheelchair accessible is one of the common
stamps in horror movies. Old rusty stroller with wheels
appear in gloomy hospitals and abandoned houses, softly creaking,
spontaneously roll on the floor. Sometimes characters even manage
увидеть в chair фантом. However, this seems to happen
not only on the cinema screen, but also in real life. By extreme
least, so says one resident of Western Australia.

According to her, she visited the recently abandoned mill in the city
Greenaf and made there a lot of photos. Among other things, our
the heroine noticed in the building an old wheelchair and twice
captured her in the pictures. Australian says she did not see
then nothing beyond the ordinary. However when
the girl was reviewing subsequently received on that day footage
one of them made her feel run down her back

This, of course, is about sinister (as the girl now thinks)
инвалидном chair. In the first photo it was fixed quite
Usually, however, the second image will clearly fill up someone
collection of the best supernatural pictures. The frame shows
lean humanoid silhouette, located in a stroller. Have whitish
translucent figure can be clearly seen thin legs and
body, as well as, with the possession of proper imagination, hands and head.

According to skeptics, this is a paradolic illusion,
caused by the play of light-shade and possibly thick dust in the air. The
However, not all users of the World Wide Web agree with
the opinion of the materialists. Many commentators felt that before
we are indeed proof of the existence of paranormal
явлений, а в инвалидном chair на заброшенной мельнице находился
the ghost of some unfortunate who was chained to the stroller
in life.

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