Australian snowman – yowi

And although the snow man is found in almost all
continents of our planet, except for Antarctica, in
different parts of the world describe it in their own way and even the name
has a purely local. For example, in Australia this mysterious
monster is called yovi (or yawi).

Is Yovi a legendary image or a real creature?

Yovi, like all other humanoid humanoids of this type,
differs huge growth (up to three meters or more), incredible
force and high speed of movement and, of course,
elusive, like all “snow people”.

The first written message about yaui dates back to 1835 (book
J. Holman “Travels”), although the natives called him still “shaggy
devil “and in their oral legends were kept many stories about
meeting this monster. Moreover, the locals are very
offended by Europeans who did not believe in the yove and raised to
the laughter of the aborigines who have personally encountered shaggy
the devil.

However, soon the Europeans themselves began to meet with Yovi, so, in
October 1894, one Johnny McWilliams was riding a horse in
area of ​​New South Wales, when he suddenly noticed the mysterious shaggy
a man who appeared from behind a tree. Looking just glimpse at
Johnny, Yovi rushed to a wooded hill and quickly disappeared into
nearest thickets.

As noted by almost everyone who was “lucky enough” to meet with
the shaggy devil of australia snowman was another
interesting quality – equanimity. Here’s how to write about it
Sydney Herald newspaper of the last century:

George Summerel on horseback accidentally caught Yovi,
who drank from a stream in the forest of Bemboki (New South Wales). Hearing
the snore of a frightened horse, the monkey man straightened to his fullest
tremendous growth and calmly appreciated the threat to myself from
man, after which he again leaned toward the stream, quenched his thirst and also
slowly stomped on its way, lost soon among the trees.
Summerel was shocked, but he remembered well the almost human
the face of this creature and its very shrill smart

Reports of a meeting with yovi were received throughout
twentieth century. For example, he came across a worker in the Grose Valley.
(New South Wales) in April 1976, and on March 5, 1978 about meetings
with a shaggy devil reported lumberjack, cut down trees near
Springbrook. And there was a lot of such information, for sure, even more.
just stayed “between us speaking” …

Yovi – the kangaroo ripper

Professor of Sydney University Harry Opit was one of those
scientists who unconditionally believed in the existence of yovi and dedicated
The study of this unique creature of Australia for many years. That’s what
He was told by a local resident and experienced hunter Frank Field:

I have often seen this shaggy monster, huge and very
strong, which, by the way, hunts small kangaroos, leaving at
This is very characteristic traces. He kills a kangaroo, carries it in his arms,
breaking in the insides and scattering them around. Dingo dogs,
for example, they act quite differently – they drag the victim along the ground. But
I have never even heard someone catch or at least
shoot yovi. Of course, these creatures mostly lead the night
way of life, but you never know and other nocturnal predators,
less to shoot and even catch them in traps
no difficulty With Yovi, such “jokes” do not pass …

The elusive Yovi, like any “snowman”, led professors
the idea that the creature is not only reasonable and cunning, but also
having some fantastic possibilities for example
hypnotize people, averting their eyes, or simply
�“Dissolve in the air. No wonder then believe in mysticism or even
would be that yowi, yeti and other mysterious monsters come to us
to Earth from another reality. It’s not clear why only?
Surely, as some researchers joke, in their world is tight with food,
that you have to go after her to our world? Or such a symbiosis
worlds created by nature itself? ..


… There are reports of a snowman in Australia today
for example, in 2009, yowe (iui) attacked domestic animals, and from
he was even hit by dogs. Last year its even
managed to shoot a video camera. Although orthodox scholars right there
blame it all on wild animals. Here are just “wild animals” are not
behave so intelligently and even mystically, do not leave marks,
very similar to the human foot, with 50 or more
centimeters long …

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