Australian ufologist captures dozens of UFOs innight sky

One of the Australian ufologists reports that if there is a good
equipment can be at least nightly captured in the dark sky
many unidentified flying objects, the number of which
able to number dozens.

As evidence, an experienced researcher shared with
World Wide Web users the video below, which
is a compilation of the best frames he received. Many of us,
familiar with this video, you will surely understand one simple
the truth: over our heads constantly incomprehensible boils for us
life, and this cannot be a rational scientific explanation,
denying aliens and their unthinkable for our understanding

The author of the amazing material admits that some of these
objects can be artificial satellites, comets and
airplanes, but not all. Many described UFO sharply
change in flight the trajectory and speed of movement, light up above
with incredible brightness, move in groups, and also appear
out of nowhere and just disappear without a trace. Someone will even say that
mysterious UFOs behave like living creatures.

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