Australians created Vostok beer specifically forcosmonauts

Australian brewers, enlisting the support of space
engineers, created the beer “Vostok Space Beer”, suitable for
use by astronauts in zero gravity.

Foamy low-alcohol drink, named after the series
Soviet spacecraft “Vostok”, is a stout –
dark ale created with the addition of burnt and caramel malt.
Both the “cosmic” beer and the bottle are specially designed
for comfortable use of the drink in space.

The special design of the bottle will allow star flyers to suck
beer right their tara. The drink is slightly carbonated, however
You can easily recognize him as a favorite stout. However,
scientists are still planning to argue about the effectiveness of the use
alcohol outside the Earth.

Recall that NASA astronauts are strictly forbidden to drink in the service
hot, but Russian cosmonauts use for health
and the mood is a little brandy. Finally, don’t forget about
space tourists who are sure to wish someday
enjoy an icy bottle of frothy drink on earth orbit.
However, space is still a great mystery for scientists, especially for
beyond the orbit of the Earth, which, apparently, has not yet flown
person. So it’s too early to talk about his nutrition
outside, and it must be borne in mind that the possibilities of science over time
will increase, and the needs of the person, if not grow,
then leveled …

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