Awesome video of the aurora bore offISS

A striking video appeared on the World Wide Web, shot
recently from the International Space Station. By the author
a delightful roller became a 60 year old italian engineer and
Star navigator Paolo Nespoli, who is an employee of the European
space agency. The record was received by an astronaut 15
сентября этого года, когда ISS достигла наиболее высокой точки
its orbit.

Material published on the official NASA website,
demonstrates aurora over northern Canada, iridescent
numerous shades of green, purple and other colors.
You can even think that this is not at all the Aurora, which even from the Earth
far from all of us are able to contemplate, but some complex
computer graphics. However, the video is authentic and, moreover,
not subjected to any processing. At least so
say representatives of the US National Space
agencies. The orbital solar panel is also visible in the frame.

The aurora borealis, also called the northern
the luminescence of the upper atmosphere due to its interaction with
a stream of ionized solar wind particles. It is noteworthy that
This phenomenon is observed not only on Earth, but also on others.
planets with magnetosphere. Glow around magnetic
poles have also been observed by scientists on Venus, Mars, Saturn,
Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune

And it’s a little refinement: powerful flares on the Sun that
occurred in early September of this year, allowed to observe
northern lights even to those who live relatively far from
the polar circle, so today compare this heavenly illumination
with what astronauts see from space, not only residents can
Far North. And this, you see, makes this video still
more interesting …

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