Azerbaijani forester filmed on camera earedmonster

Who wished to remain anonymous forester from Azerbaijan
Republic claims to be faced recently in nature with
mysterious creature, which is hardly written in textbooks
biology. This is reported by local Russian-speaking cryptozoologists.

According to the man, he performed a routine detour through the forest and
Suddenly I saw a small clot of black climbing on
low tree and whipped into the hollow. Our hero got a smartphone and
began to write down a phenomenon incomprehensible to him (forest man)
on video. Fortunately or even surprisingly, but he managed
Capture a strange anomaly on camera.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see a small
black head with white eyes and long ears, swiftly
disappearing into the hollow. The movement of the creature is clearly noticeable on these
frames, from which we can conclude that it was not any
toy or cardboard cut.

Many users of the Runet said that the mysterious creation
It looks like a character named Aikis from the animated series “The Real
monsters. Other network regulars have suggested that it was
just a frightened lost cat breed like
Devon Rex with big ears.

By the way, none of the commentators of this unique entry
asked why the forester did not look into the hollow itself? Apparently
a normal person is quite clear the state of the forester,
encountered in more often something mysterious from which one can expect that
whatever Moreover, only the idiot can not understand that our
the world is far from being as presented to us by pundits
from school textbooks to today’s
materialistic dogmas generously scattered everywhere
including the Internet …

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