Beavers are the best cleaners.rivers

This conclusion was made by scientists of the University of Exeter
UK, which, since 2011, conducted
large-scale research on what role these animals
play in maintaining ecological balance in nature.

It turned out that by building their dams, beavers thereby
intercept huge amounts of silty sediments, nitrogenous and
phosphate fertilizers washing away from agricultural land in

This is what university professor Richard says about this.

Soils used for agriculture practically
безвозвратно теряются, поскольку их уносят воды rivers. At the same time
riversи усиленно загрязняются химикатами, что приводит к деградации
water resources, the inability to fully utilize them in
drinking water quality. And beavers almost easily solve all these
проблемы, строя свои плотины на riversах.

In the United Kingdom, they are already thinking how to drastically change
the current situation with these animals. The fact is that in
Great Britain beavers were destroyed in the XVI century because of their
valuable skins, therapeutic meats and odorous glands. However ten years
назад одна колония бобров обнаружена в Шотландии на riversе Тей,
вторая чуть позже — в Кнапдейл-Форест, затем в Девоне на riversе
Otter …

So there is hope for the recovery of the population of these river
animals, which will allow to successfully solve in the future the above
environmental problem. And practically without special expenses –
you just need to take care of beavers, creating them the most favorable
conditions for life and reproduction. And of course – for construction
dams …

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