Before the earthquake in Mexico were observed inmysterious sky flashes

Mexico hit hard by the earthquake, the most powerful push
which is rated at 8.2 on the Richter scale at the maximum
a score of 9 points.

Shaken Mexico at night from September 8 to 9, the epicenter of the underground
shocks, as determined by seismologists, lies at a depth of 30-40
kilometers near the city of Pihihyapan. This earthquake was the most
destructive and deadly (a lot of people suffered) for
countries over the past hundred years.

But what is interesting, literally on the eve of this sad
the events of the mexicans were observed in the evening bright and huge
sky flashes, greenish or bluish shades. Insofar as
There were a lot of eyewitnesses to this strange phenomenon.
Enough has appeared on the Internet.

On the videos you can hear how Mexicans react to these
flashes: some with delight, as if watching a salute, others – with
fear, starting to be baptized. But none of them know that
literally in a day, a real tragedy will happen, and these flashes –
only forerunners of hers.

Scientists have not yet been able to explain the nature of these outbreaks, or rather
say why they painted the sky just before
an earthquake, perhaps it is somehow connected with a powerful explosion on
The sun. In any case, the flash on our Luminary, which occurred 6
September and impressed scientists with its scope and unpredictability,
the strongest earthquake in Mexico in the last hundred years and the radiance in
heaven, as the forerunner of this cataclysm – all this somehow
interconnected. It is possible that the Sun was the primary cause of all
these mysterious, and then the tragic phenomena and events …

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