Behind the car launched by Ilon Mask onMars, watched many UFOs

American private space company “SpaceX”,
owned by eccentric billionaire Ilona Mask, launched 6
February reusable super-heavy launch vehicle “Falcon Heavy”.
The most powerful rocket in the world, as Musk himself calls it, delivered to
space as a load sports convertible “Tesla

The craftsmen from SpaceX planned that an electric car with a dummy
an astronaut in the driver’s seat will go straight to Mars,
however, it now turned out that the car was moving toward the asteroid belt.
between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. A good ad campaign for
�”Tesla”, is not it?

The first car outside the Earth

The launch of the Falcon Heavy and the flight of the Tesla Roadster caused an unprecedented
hype everywhere. Millions of people watched the webcast
this “landmark” event, and the conspiracy theorists immediately began to build
various conspiracy theories. For example, one of these hypotheses
being rather ridiculous, says that Ilon Musk sent to
space is not a mannequin in a spacesuit, but a real corpse. They say
similarly, Americans are testing a system to get rid of
unwanted bodies that no one should know. But eminent
ufologists are not limited to assumptions about aliens and
Spread the network proof of his words.

The flight of the car was watched by a UFO

However, the researchers of “flying saucers” and “green
little men “do not care about any corpses in the trunk. The specialists
determined that not only earthlings observed the flight of a convertible
but also, perhaps, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Right away
several famous ufologists noticed strange lights and dark
spherical devices moving close to the car.
Unidentified flying objects clearly showed genuine interest in
this unusual launch. Aliens surely millions of times
have seen cars on our planet, but turned out to be outside
Earth electric car could cause them to be puzzled. When
the Americans landed on Selena, the aliens probably saw them
A hackneyed lunar rover, but a sports car is all

How long will an “extraterrestrial” car last?

Scientists do not assign the “extraterrestrial” car
long life So, William Carroll from Indiana
University of the United States reports that even if Tesla Roadster is not
will be destroyed by space junk or micrometeorites,
it will be destroyed in about a year by space radiation and
because he will turn into rubbish.

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