Beware: creepy roam the woodshumanoids!

Who among us has not heard the terrible stories about the disappearance of people in the forest,
and not in some dense and endless taiga or jungle
Amazon. Man went to the most ordinary, well familiar to him forest
an array of stroll in the fresh air, or for mushrooms, even just
for bumps and … did not return. And he disappeared without a trace, even the bones
not left, assuming that he was attacked by wild beasts,
which in this forest, he has never seen anyone.

Of course, most often in this case we think of fantastic
portals, parallel worlds, where people suddenly “fall” (after all
rare lucky ones in this case come back and tell
about such incredible adventures). But on the other hand, in
the forest you can meet a snowman, chupacabra, alien
And still some terrible creatures, about which we are absolutely
do not know anything. We do not know how these humanoids will behave in the case
if you run into one of them, nose to nose. And the above
humanoids can even meet on the edge of a birch grove …

In the video below, a rare moment is caught
showing that we can be trapped in the most ordinary forest.
The operator, apparently, did not even imagine that considering
through the lens of a video camera the picturesque surroundings of the building, on
the roof of which he climbed, will remove sneaking into the thick of the forest
some kind of creepy creature (see video).

The humanoid shot is more like an alien. At once
I remember another video filmed a year ago somewhere in the woods
LaBagh Chicago. At that time, the author said that his girlfriend saw
at night strangely flashing lights over the forest, as if circling above them
�The “flying saucer” of aliens, and the next morning they came across
this alien (see second video).

If you compare both videos, you can easily find a similarity.
between two humanoids, with the only difference being that in one case he
lying beside a tree, lifeless, and in the second one – his way
thicket woods. I would not want to meet with such a terrible
humanoid …

However, rolling humanoid, as many agree
YouTube users are obviously artificial, but
wading through the forest – just an alien or an alien from
parallel world. But how similar …

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