Big lottery wins onlytime travelers

The theme of time travel is one of the most
popular with writers and directors in the field of science fiction.
It is believed that in reality a person is not capable
move into the past or the future however when in our world
there appear people like Melvin Wilson, they can arise in the soul
doubts about the impossibility of temporary travel. Such individuals
as if they know (they came from the future with this knowledge) that should
occur, and it is reasonable to use this knowledge to extract their

Melvin Wilson – a lottery luck magnet

Black pensioner Melvin Wilson, who lives in the city
Virginia’s Woodbridge, constantly wins the lottery. Behind
the last 13 years, he managed 4 times to break an enviable jackpot. In 2004
year a man won 25 thousand dollars. In 2005, he tore off
jackpot twice, first receiving 500 thousand, and then a million.
In 2013, an American won a lottery ticket,
which brought him again 500 thousand dollars. To questions about
why luck so often smiles on him, Wilson replies that he simply
turns in the right place at the right time. Happy tickets and
the numbers seem to mysteriously attract the pensioner.

Despite this, from the point of view of simple mathematics, so often
it is simply impossible to win. Chance to hit the jackpot at least once
each of us is negligible – far less than the chances of dying from
falling meteorite or shark teeth, if you live far from the sea
and never going there. However, becoming a big winner in
Lottery 4 times – this is a real fantasy. That is why
many people refuse to believe in the simple luck of an American and
they suspect that he came to us from the future,
taking with you the knowledge of lucky tickets falling into our

However, Wilson is not limited to the lottery. At present
time is forbidden for a man to enter into many gambling establishments of the USA,
since he literally bankrupted a number of gambling halls.

Time traveler interested enthusiasts

Melvin interested the American non-profit organization,
looking for people from the past or the future. Volunteers,
participating in this project are often designated for travelers during
meeting times that should have passed in the past –
for example, today they can announce a meeting that has “passed”
a week ago. Unfortunately, so far none of the people of the future are so
way did not appear.

Behindто члены организации могут следить за людьми наподобие
Wilson Researchers suggest that the pensioner came to us from
coming years especially to enrich themselves. In their opinion,
a man can put his money in a swiss bank and again
go to the future where the millions on his account will turn into
billions. Most likely, this person is illegal
time traveler using futuristic
technology for own enrichment.

According to representatives of this organization, last year they
managed to get evidence that Wilson came to us from
of the future. Watching the man, experts noticed how from his
wallet fell note. Here is what it says:

Remember quotes and stock prices, lottery and sports results
competition. This will allow you to have a good life in a barbarian
conditions of the 21st century. Money will be especially important to you if
for some reason your return will be delayed or even become
impossible. However, try to be careful not to
to be greedy. To win in any lottery can claim
several jumpers – never clash with them because of this. Be
be careful and do not win too often and much, otherwise you will fall under
suspicion of special services, scientists and journalists.

Intelligence agents are interested in time travelers.

By “jumpers” are probably meant others.
time travelers. As for the advice not to involve
attention, Melvin obviously underestimated him. According to rumors, special services
have long been interested in a pensioner? as well as others
�”Jumpers”. For example, the FBI has a whole department, very reminiscent of
The X-Files from the series of the same name. Employees of this
department are engaged in the investigation of non-standard situations that
look weird and that can harm society
and the existing order.

How many such “jumpers” are walking now on Earth? Their
there are 5-10 thousand, if you believe the calculations of experts.
Time Travelers Say Periodically
back to the future, and new ones arrive in their place.

Other startling wins

Naturally, Melvin Wilson is far from the only such
lucky. There are much more impressive examples.

So, in 2008, a jackpot of $ 1.4 million in
Wisconsin dropped to 4 tickets, and they all belonged to the same family
a pair.

Behindядлая любительница лото Джоан Гинтер из Лас-Вегаса выиграла
5.4 million dollars in 1993, 2 million in 2006, 3
million in 2008 year and 10 million in 2010! Anyone in
Sane mind would believe in such a coincidence?

California resident has won 1 million each 6 times. Canadian twice
received 16 million each. Another Canadian citizen won three times
lottery, enriched a total of 19.3 million. In 2002
year, a couple from Belmont hit 2 jackpots in one day: one for 126
thousand, another for 17 million dollars. A resident of Florida for 6
months won 9.5 million. And this is only a modest part of such
unimaginable cases. It seems that the lottery is the most effective
A way to get rich for those who come to us from the future. Is it really
in the lottery, only travelers in the lottery win
time? ..

We have told only about one case of such fantastic
luck, which, perhaps, is just the notorious machine
the time that our orthodox science doesn’t want
believe …

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