Bigfoot builds fences in Americanthe forest

35 year old American snowman
Dorein Fisher from Kenosha, Wisconsin, unexpectedly did
на днях поразительную находку в окрестном the forest. Our heroine is long
suspected that there could be a bigfoot or a whole population
of these human-like creatures, but now the woman is no longer
absolutely no doubt that near her village
one or several legendary cryptids are found.

Dorein says that she discovered a lot of
mysteriously felled tree trunks, as well as branches woven
with each other, as if someone is actively building a fence here. By
According to Fisher, a person is not capable of that, at least without
special equipment, then we are obviously talking about bigfoot activity.
Perhaps the Yeti is trying to fence its territory from hunters,
annoying tourists and lovers of camping. Only from
attention cryptozoologists, like our heroine, such an activity
Mysterious creature could not escape …

Presented five photographs taken by an American, circled
many web resources dedicated to various anomalies
supernatural phenomena and mythical creatures. Some
users have seriously considered that before us no “fence”
Yeti “, and the result of the activities of the local witches. So, in many
horror films evil sorceresses are engaged in what they build in the woods
improvised labyrinths of branches in order to mislead random

True, some cryptozoologists agree with Fisher because
Bigfoot sometimes really breaks trees, weaves out
branches strange “fences”, but researchers still can not
understand why he does it. In any case, not fenced off
people, because the yeti, apparently, is not afraid of a person, although
avoid meeting him …

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