Bigfoot has amazing intuitionand able to foresee the future

American Jeffrey Gonzales of California laid out in the network
photograph, which supposedly captures the snow man. A meeting
his mysterious humanoid happened last month, however
material published on the web at about the same time became
gain popularity just now.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the group
researchers-cryptozoologists indirectly confirmed the authenticity
Gonzales’s picture because, in their opinion, Bigfoot could in fact
get caught by an american Scientists themselves have discovered approximately this
area not far from lakes
wrote Jeffrey, traces of her.

It is noteworthy that there were a lot of traces, although hunters
snowman usually rejoice as a great find
one or two prints of the huge paws of this mysterious creature.

Apparently, the researchers write, Bigfoot appears here
often, and therefore even hit the frame of an amateur photographer. However they
They also state such a disappointing fact that, as a rule, the snow
man “leaves” wild places as soon as scientists or hunters
begin to stalk him hard.

The Yeti, as one member of this cryptozoology team says,
possesses amazing intuition and maybe even clear
foreseeing the future, and therefore it is almost impossible to deceive
and catch. This is the great happiness of the researcher who meets
with a snow man face to face. This usually happens with
people very far from learning this humanoid. Is emerging
the impression that the Yeti itself goes to them, perhaps just from
curiosity, but in any case due to the fact that he is not afraid
such people, knowing full well that they are not interested in them at all.
But why does he sometimes appear in front of scientists and hunters –
another great mystery …

Recall that at about the same time, that is, at the end
October of this year, the snowman was shot in another US state –
West Virginia. His behavior was typical for such meetings –
the yeti keeps a person close to him, easy
hiding from him in the thickets of the forest …

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