Bigfoot hit the video in indianreservations

On the popular video hosting “YouTube” appeared a mysterious
a record on which the snowman is probably captured.
It is reported that the video was received this fall in the Indian
reservations Навахо-Нейшен на северо-востоке американского штата
Arizona. The author of the material, as you might guess, became the root
American (or American) from the Navajo tribe. Operator identity
remains not yet known to the public.

Unusual video shows a dark humanoid figure,
walking amid the bare autumn nature and at some point
hiding behind the bushes. People on the other side of the camera strenuously
comment on what is happening in the Navajo language. Indians are clearly amazed and
intrigued by the appearance of the intended cryptide – they are trying
re-catch the creature in the lens however the yeti disappears
without a trace It seems that it has either evaporated in the air,
either he rushed away with lightning speed as soon as
scrub. The most amazing thing is that nearby there are houses and
the roads, so what happened to Bigfoot, remains a pure mystery. Also
it is not known if anyone else from the residents saw him then

Of course, not all users of the World Wide Web
believed that the record shows the real yeti. Doubters
believe that it was a tall man in black clothes or even
gorilla costume. At the same time, less skeptical
commentators point out that many indian tribes have
legends of creatures highly resembling popularized ones
cryptozoologists of snow people. Anyway, the video has already collected
about 40 thousand views and continues to attract attention
network regulars.

By the way, we recall that the ability of the yeti literally dissolve into
air (most likely, go to your parallel world), has long been
known to all who came across this cryptoid, as they say, the nose
to the nose, and indeed independent researchers of these mysterious creatures
well aware of this quality snowman. But
a person wearing yeti could hardly have escaped the watchful
eye and camcorder indians. So skeptics rest today in
aside …

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