Bigfoot photographed in WesternVirginia

На немуниципальной территории Биг-Оттер в Западной Virginia
photographed the alleged snowman.

This picture was taken in the summer (this is indicated by the magnificent
green vegetation around), but something unusual on it
noticed just now. The image shows a mysterious dark
figure, standing on the edge of the forest. High anthropomorphic silhouette
looks like it’s going to go deep into the woody

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that it is in the very
deed snowman. Perhaps the legendary relic hominid on
For an unknown reason, he left the forest and then hurried back to his
natural habitat. Other commentators suggest that
it is about a lesh or similar spirit of nature. According to third, this
just a huge stump. The fourth declare that the photo is captured
big anthropoid monkey. Well, the fifth one thinks that
an ordinary joker in a gorilla costume. That’s just a catch in that
such huge, like the yeti, stumps – a phenomenon quite rare,
almost impossible. Потом, большие обезьяны в Западной Virginia не
are found, and the costumed masquerade in nature is so
unlikely and even absurd that talking about it can only
inveterate materialists, ready to believe in any nonsense, just to
she answered the physical laws of our world.

Why do people try to catch a snowman?

Be that as it may, bigfoot researchers familiarized themselves with
they report that the material is very curious and even from the first
The look does not look like a fake. Specialists do not argue
is it a yeti or not, however, they remind
that in 2004, Big Otter repeatedly noticed a similar
being. The number of witnesses of the appearance of the monster exceeded then
15 people. Inveterate hunters on saschocha came then here in
of all the ends of the United States of America, but catching the Yeti is not so

If we summarize all the information collected about the snowman for
past and present century, it is easy to understand that no sensible person
will not hunt, let alone try to catch this mysterious
being with telepathy, hypnosis, teleportation and so
further, not to mention his physical power. Need to be
thankful yeti at least for the fact that he, unlike a man
completely non-aggressive and does not show such unhealthy
curiosity to us, how we to him …

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