Bigfoot seriously frightened Canadianthe hunter

In the English segment of the Internet is gaining popularity
видеоролик о снежном человеке, который напугал канадского the hunter
Ross Roberts.

That day, Ross went hunting for a snowmobile. The weather was
beautiful, the mood of the man was vigorous, the hike for the game promised
be successful and fascinating.

According to Roberts himself, he had no idea what he could
spoil the hunt and darken this magnificent walk, unless
the equipment (snowmobile) will refuse, but he seems to have prepared for conscience
this outing on nature – from a technical point of view. That
Soon it will happen, the man could not even think.

Climbing into the deepest thicket, an experienced hunter occupied there.
comfortable position, covering itself with a camouflage net (snowmobile
stayed away at a certain distance). Now left
just wait for prey, which could itself go on a shot.

But something went wrong: suddenly it was heard, as through a forest in
some large animal is sneaking around Ross, crunching branches
and showered snow from the bush. First, especially large animals in
these forests are not found, the Canadian thought, and secondly …

He quickly pulled out a video camera and, running the recording, became
inspect the terrain by turning on a function on a digital device
approximations (i.e., used the camera as binoculars).

Soon a huge creature similar to
gorilla He was clearly a humanoid, standing on his feet, not a bear,
and with thick and long hair. For a moment this
the forest monster showed his head from behind a tree, flashed his eyes and
flashed terrible teeth …

Flight is the best way to “communicate” with a snowman

It was too much. Ross was so afraid of what he saw that
forgot even that he has a gun. He just ran to
snowmobile jumped on him and gave gas, afraid to look back. The most
the terrible thing he feared that this wild humanoid would rush for
him, and it is still unknown how fast he can move,
besides, the feverish thought: and if the snowmobile suddenly
will start …

But everything worked out. Already at home, carefully reviewing the received
video, the hunter realized that he did the right thing. Kill such a monster
from his gun, designed mostly for small and medium
game, Roberts simply could not, and with a fright wound this bigfoot,
all the same that sign your death …

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