Bigfoot statue in a mysterious American townway changes its position

In the US town of Whitehall, New York, rumors have spread
mysterious devilry happening here at night. Not so long ago
locals set a 454-kilogram near one of the roads
bronze statue of a snowman. 3.4 meter bigfoot
immediately began to attract many tourists who want to
take pictures with a unique landmark. No one even
I did not suspect that the metal cryptoid suddenly begins in earnest
frighten the townspeople, changing their position. And say with accuracy that
happens, no one is able to.

It is alleged that from time to time the sculpture moves to
a few meters in any direction or just turns
in place. Although the half-toned statue is not attached to
any pedestal, it is obvious that you can move it
only with the help of special equipment. However, no one hears in
the dark of the day for the crane to work here, and to whom
would such absurd fun come to mind? Fix move
Bigfoot every morning is easy, but to catch him, so
say red handed is not possible. Enthusiasts
repeatedly installed a webcam nearby, however in such
Nights of copper Saschowch completely refused to “walk” near the road.

Some even suggest that the sculpture is moved by a real
a snowman who takes her for his kindred, and therefore
somehow trying to “wake up” and drag off with them. However this theory
has its drawbacks: first, why the mysterious yeti is not
appears when the camcorder is working, and secondly, if it is
reasonable that can even trace the installation of video surveillance,
or so weird that you can feel
a working camera, why does he need a statue at all? Did he just
play or even scoff at people? Truly fantastic
creature from a parallel world, as some claim
researchers …

However, this is quite possible to believe, if we consider that the snow
man was and remains one of the most famous mysterious creatures
which they see and even remove (albeit not very high quality, see
the video below, again because of its elusiveness)
all corners of our planet, but neither kill nor especially not catch
can Apparently, the Yeti surpasses us in reason and in its
fantastic opportunities, among which is the ability to easily
leave in their parallel world, as desired again
come back to our Is such a creature and does not have a sense
humor, to laugh at the organizers of the statue Bigfoot? ..

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