Bill Gates warns of a pandemic capablekill tens of millions

Famous American businessman and public figure Bill
Gates reminded the world of the influenza pandemic that claimed life in 1918
about 100 million people.

A century ago, this infectious disease had a third of the disease.
population of the planet. The epidemic was so strong that
spread across the US in just 5 weeks, and already a year later by the virus
500 million people on Earth were infected.

Of course, medicine has since made a significant step forward,
however, don’t forget that the world has also become much more
globalized. A lot of people now and then travel from one
countries to another, from continent to continent, crossing the oceans and
carrying with them various dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. Bill
Gates, enlisted by the help of health professionals,
determined that a similar outbreak of flu today may not be
less, and even more deadly and large-scale.

Researchers have determined that today the virus will kill 33 million
people in just 6 months and is unlikely to stop after that. Gates
even created a simulation that clearly demonstrates a hypothetical
the spread of the epidemic in the first six months. Including submitted
below the video, you can see which parts of the planet
suffer from the disease first.

Despite the fact that new infections appear constantly, it is
flu is considered the main candidate for a new pandemic. Especially
pessimistic scientists argue that sooner or later
such a catastrophe will certainly happen, and recommend the world
politicians prepare for it as seriously as for the world
the war. By the way, annually from the flu die 291-646 thousand earthlings – and
this is considered normal.

Напомним, что совсем недавно Gates выделил 12 миллионов долларов
to get a universal flu vaccine, but so far
just about finding professionals who will be for a few
years to create a similar immunobiological preparation.

Как заботу Billа Gatesа о нашем здоровье оценивают разные

Своеобразно на предупреждение Billа Gatesа
Conspiracy therapists who consider American
a billionaire by the conductor of the Illuminati policy, and therefore his present
�They regarded “care” as another impact on the consciousness of earthlings
for the purpose of intimidation and submission to their will a handful of world

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