Bitcoin could create aliens

Not so long ago, we wrote that phenomenal cryptocurrency
Bitcoin could be created by advanced AI
independently originated in the vast world wide web.
Experts felt that the system code is perfect, and
therefore he could not be written by man. At the same time, colossal
the computational resources that bitcoin adepts spend on getting
New coins supposedly serve as AI for exponential development and
enslavement as a result of the human race. Now the researchers have put forward
a new, even bolder, theory of the origin of the sensational

How Bitcoin took the world by storm

Some experts have now concluded that Bitcoin,
the creators of which are still not known, it may well be
the brainchild of … representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization! In 2009 he
appeared on the Internet literally out of nowhere and soon became
an unprecedented sensation. Just imagine: at the dawn of its development
one digital coin cost only 6 cents, but now its rate
makes over 14 thousand dollars! The financial world just doesn’t know
what to do with Bitcoin. Analysts are convinced that this cryptocurrency
forever will change our attitude to money. Bitcoin capitalization
makes today more than 700 billion dollars and people with
easily exchange real money for this unsubstantiated
�”Zeros and ones”. But most importantly, miners need more and more powerful
tools for getting new coins. However, and here

Aliens are pushing us to improve computers

Many ufologists will report that unidentified flying objects have begun
massively observed on Earth in 1944, when humanity
knew the incredible power of the atom. UFO and Alien Scientists
believe that guests from other worlds are seriously interested in our
civilization exactly after she made this important
a discovery that gave us both a deadly weapon and a cheap one

However, other ufologists are convinced that “green men”
began to appear here in 1943, when the Americans created
the first electronic digital computer “ENIAC”. In other words,
it cost earthly inventors to build the first in our history
computer, as “flying saucers” began to warp here and there, as if
the human race then moved from the rank of primitive creatures to
discharge of reasonable, truly interested in the newcomers. And what
more improved computers on Earth, the more UFOs
notice the inhabitants of our planet.

The creation of the computer heralded the emergence of a completely new
paradigms in the economic and mental development of man.
The invention of the binary code allowed us to build an extensive
infrastructure that forever changed every aspect of our
Everyday life. And what happened when Bitcoin appeared?
That’s right, computers began to develop even faster. All
human computational power is no longer enough for
to mine virtual coins, and soon they must go
innovative quantum computers capable of performing
quintillons calculations per second. Simply put, whoever creates
Bitcoin, it is pushing mankind hard to get everything
more powerful computing. Truly brilliant move
because this unknown appeals to human greed,
which is, in fact, the main engine of progress on our
the planet.

Why do we need aliens

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