Bitcoin miners hinder the search for extraterrestrialcivilizations

The so-called miners, engaged in the extraction of sensational
Bitcoin cryptocurrencies continue to grow with each
month They literally sweep away all the expensive stores.
video cards, leaving no good graphics adapters
video games, animation makers and other people who need
high digital power. Now it turned out that to such
dissatisfied joined experts and famous project SETI.

SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) presents
is a unique ufological community. Its members use
large computational power for sending space messages
предназначающихся представителям внеземных civilizations, а также
search, in turn, signals that “green men” can
in theory send us. Ufologists are also victims of the omnipresent
miners, because now they can not get good
video cards in the required amount.

Professor Dan Vertimer has now turned his attention to the problem –
one of the leading minds of the project. According to him, experts from
University of California at Berkeley participating in SETI wished
recently buy a new equipment required by the local observatory
to increase the alien search capabilities, however the lack of
the market for advanced graphics processors made such an update
impossible. This naturally limits the ability of scientists.

Recall that SETI experts have been searching for aliens since 1959.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), as long as they did not go too far.
No traces of “green men” at the moment they
not found. The project is criticized, on the one hand, for
frank lack of results, and on the other, for the intention
get such results. Some scientists seriously believe that we
in no case should send signals to space, because
they can be intercepted by an aggressive race that wishes
destroy or enslave humanity. Other ufologists, in their
queue, they are puzzled at the activities of SETI, which do not
sees aliens under his nose, that is, on Earth, trying to
find unknown where and unknown how. Moreover, it is believed that
and the Bitcoin cryptocurrency itself was created by aliens. Can,
SETI specialists need in their search for an extraterrestrial civilization
try to start it with Bitcoin? ..

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