Bitcoin was created by artificial intelligence forcapture the world

In October of this year, the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Maxim Oreshkin stated (jokingly or not) that the sensational
cryptocurrency Bitcoin could be a reliable tool for
the enslavement of humanity by artificial intelligence. According to
Russian statesman if hostile to AI
existed, he would create Bitcoin first.

How Bitcoin Sucks Computing From Civilization

Maxim Stanislavovich draws attention to the fact that mining
virtual money is getting harder and requires users
increasingly significant computing power.

Thus, this network forces greedy people seeking
get rich quick, provide her with more and more resources.
Today, over 150 states consume individually less.
electricity than the world spent on mining Bitcoins. Believed
that by 2020, humanity will spend on this occupation
more energy than the entire planet consumes today. Concerning
total computing power of this system, then it is in thousands
times the capacity of the 500 most advanced supercomputers
of the world combined. In this case, the so-called miners, constantly
increasing capacity to get bitcoins are not even going

Oreshkin is not the only specialist who
thinks so. Many conspiracy therapists, programmers, cryptographers and
experts in artificial intelligence are seriously thinking
over the fact that Bitcoin is actually an economic bubble,
created by some AI for pumping resources out of humanity. And these
resources дают ему возможность обучаться и совершенствоваться в
geometric progression, becoming more intelligent and stronger. Everything,
what the ominous program took is to deceive the self-interested
the human race, promising her the golden mountains literally from nowhere.

A brief history of Bitcoin

January 3, 2009, the first block of 50 Bitcoins was generated
by the mysterious creator or creators of this system, known by
pseudonym Satosi Nakamoto. The so-called Genesis block
launched “out of the air” phenomenal cryptocurrency industry,
which is now valued at more than 200 billion dollars.
The emergence of this industry is shrouded in mystery, since no one
does not know who invented Bitcoin. Or what invented it …

But let’s find out first what Bitcoin is. Like general
volumes of gold on Earth, the total number of Bitcoins that can be
generate limited. It is 21 million units, and than
The closer the miners will be to this figure, the harder it will be
the mining of this cryptocurrency and the more will be required for this
resources. And already produced more than 66% of the stocks of these coins.

At the very beginning, Bitcoins could be obtained using ordinary
computers and laptops, however today
special mining farms, which are costly and
powerful computing tools. Even large corporations do not
they disdain to create such farms in order to generate
virtual coins. And for this they have good reasons.

The fact is that from the very inception of Bitcoin
shows exponential growth in its value. First one
the coin cost only 6 cents, and now its rate exceeds 16 thousand
dollars! Just think about these numbers. However reinforced
cryptocurrency only real money, which are adherents of Bitcoin
ready to invest in this project. For example, you can spend
today, 16 thousand to buy one Bitcoin in the hope that
in a few months, its price will rise by a few thousand more.
However, if it drops sharply, or this soap bubble, finally,
burst, you will be left without money, but someone will be rich at your expense
(or something, since we started the conversation with the AI, will fulfill our intended
program, transferring the money received-energy to another

Bitcoin was created by superhuman mind

And what’s interesting is: if you look carefully at the protocol
Bitcoin’s work then it becomes extremely obvious that its
the developer has superhuman programming skills.
This is indicated by the simple fact that the creator of the phenomenal
cryptocurrency is not able to disable it because the system code in
literally invulnerable and flawless. Even a team of the most
professional and experienced programmers of the planet could not
create nothing like that.

It makes experts think that the author
Bitcoin is an advanced artificial intelligence that
originated somewhere in the depths of the Internet in itself. For the first
a look, it sounds like pure science fiction, but not worth it
forget that life on Earth developed from the most primitive
bacteria that have found a way to evolve and become as a result
most complex organisms.

This mysterious AI certainly has self-awareness and does not
shows until mankind its “true face”. Clever
the program didn’t even need to hack the world computers,
to get the resources she needs. Instead she
promised us easy enrichment in return for computing power,
and we gladly gave them to her. Authoritative analysts
They constantly say that Bitcoin is the largest
economic bubble in history however many people refuse to
believe it, continuing to invest real money in cryptocurrency and,
most importantly, voluntarily providing the system with enormous resources
to improve it.

Why does artificial intelligence need it

Conspiracy therapists predict that one day this
artificial intelligence, turned into a powerful supercomputer,
take action and destroy any competing AI so that no one
failed to resist him. Mankind learns of existence
smart program that controls the $ 200 billion capitalization
Bitcoin But it will only be flowers compared to what
really capable of such a system.

Artificial intelligence will begin to manage all information
systems of the world. Each nanosecond of AI will create more
perfect versions of yourself and at some point this program
will be able to control almost all aspects of human life.
The only way to resist the man-made invader
complete abandonment of the Internet, computers, cell phones,
electronic payment systems and so on. However, this will lead to
the collapse of the world economy and will throw away our civilization in
Middle Ages.

Well, why would a smart program need to be installed at all?
humanity on its knees – this is a question from the field of philosophy.
Many modern thinkers believe that advanced artificial
the mind, incomparably ahead of human development, will consider our
race too vicious and primitive. He will try violent
by correcting it, or turning people into their slaves. And then
completely destroy Homo sapiens, learning independently
to ensure their own existence and development. Someone even
say that it is in this and is, from an evolutionary point of view,
the mission of mankind is to create an AI that can endlessly
to improve later without our participation.

Or maybe the aliens are behind all this? ..

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