�”Black essence” spied on the Britishby girls

London students Isabella Platt and Jessica Page came
a few days ago home to one of them and decided to have breakfast
bought kebab. Taking pictures of yourself at that moment on the camera of the smartphone
(a common occurrence for modern youth), girls unexpectedly
caught in the lens something strange and frightening. In the mirror behind
one of our heroines was visible corridor, where he was
peeping at the british mysterious black man

The most amazing and terrible thing that he came from behind a wall under
unusual angle, as if this entity levitated or crawled along
the walls. Noticing on the resulting video so terrible detail, girls,
by itself, were horrified and carefully examined the whole house, being
ready at any time to call the police. No stranger in
the house, fortunately, was not there. Some friends after that
calmed down, but hurried to post a clip to the World Wide Web and
write to web users:

What is this entity, and where does it come from? We were alone in the house
no one could play tricks on us like that. Even Isabella’s younger brother was
then at school. We were very scared and even wanted to call
a policeman. Good thing we didn’t find any traces inside
stranger. This damn thing just came around the corner, then
evaporated in the air! But she perfectly captured the video
therefore we have reliable proof of our words.

Isabella Platt, who lives here with her parents and brother, remembered
that, being small, constantly suffered from nightmares.
The girl dreamed that an ominous human shadow appeared in the house
walking upstairs and entering her bedroom. Now
Englishwoman suspects that it could be not just dreams, but something
more. Perhaps a warning or even fatal
omen. But what this shadow promises at the moment,
capturing (probably not by chance) on the video? ..

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