Black ghost essence got on cameraobservations

In the American city of Sansom Park, Texas, they captured the mysterious
anomaly. It happened on Monday, November 13, at 19:38 in the evening.
Камера видеоobservations возле местного продуктового магазина
captured a strange clot of darkness that flew through the air.

Turning on the video below and rewinding it almost to the
the end, you can see with your own eyes an incomprehensible entity
smoothly sailed over the ground.

The owner of the outlet is convinced that it was the real
come from the next world. Mohammed Hammad calls himself a man with
rational thinking. He believes in science and logic. However,
the entrepreneur cannot explain the nature of this
dark figure in the parking lot. Mysterious essence flies on the record
from left to right and as if disappears in the wall. Naturally, even the most
the hardened materialist will unwittingly think in this case about

Mohammed tells:

After watching this video, I thought that we got
ghost. I have no other explanation for what happened. it
definitely something supernatural. it не могли быть туман, дым
or someone’s shadow. My brother Ahmad worked in the store that night. By
According to him, he did not see anything unusual then, however
A certain moment experienced a strange feeling, as if past him
swam something cold and invisible. He told me this before
the way i showed him the video. Imagine? This thing flew by
through the wall and turned inside!

Mohammed’s brother, watching the video, was shocked: after analyzing
the ghost’s path and the location of him at that moment, he realized that
the ghost most likely approached him not by chance. Can,
Was it some kind of deceased relative of the Hammad family? Anyway
Ahmad would not want to meet this spirit again, he said
feeling like something after the frost is swimming near you
(or rather, chilling soul) – not a pleasant one …

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