Black humanoid accidentally hit the lenscameras

Peru resident Edgard Valverd of Huanuco the other day by chance
photographed a mysterious black humanoid. At least myself
the operator is one hundred percent sure that this is not a bird.

However, even in one of the photos presented well
You can distinguish the contours of the shot object, which is a bird, well, no way
not simular. Moreover, Valverd argues that even at first glance
it was clear that this is a very large creature, commensurate with the growth
humanoid animal. From here he concludes that this
some kind of flying humanoid like for example
Moth man.

Edgard Valverd at that moment was shooting an approaching thunderstorm and in no way
could not even imagine that he was lucky enough to capture on
two shots of a monster taking off. It was about 16 hours in the pictures
it is clearly seen that in the twilight of an approaching thunderstorm evening into the sky
something strange and mysterious takes off. In the first picture this
the object is barely visible because of the crown of the trees, and on the second – already
freely hears into the sky. Unfortunately, there was a moment in the frame,
when a monster with folded wings makes identification
creatures are very difficult.

However, the Peruvians themselves perceived the picture as a reality,
since the flying humanoid is seen here lately and in
other cities (see photo above), for example, Iku and even in
the capital of Peru – Lima. It seems now in the area of ​​this state
opened a portal through which these creatures penetrate into our world. By
at least, so many mysterious researchers think so

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