Black rectangular object found atThe moon

This discovery was made again by George Graham (conditional name), leading
on YouTube hosting the popular Streetcap1 channel. Now tireless
ufologist has the ability to explore not only NASA images, but also
more recent and, most importantly, non-editable, appearing on
official website of the China National Space

In this case, the photographs that came from the lunar station
China “Chang’e-3”, ufologist found a black rectangular monolith.
At first, George thought it was a marriage in the photo (broken pixel),
however, in other pictures a mysterious object on the surface of Selena
attended. Moreover, the researcher soon discovered a shadow
which this man-made object discarded

Internet users agreed with George that this is not
natural education, many, like the author of this material,
thought that a black rectangle could be the entrance to the base
aliens or even an interstellar spacecraft. However, there were more
bold versions, for example, that this is a mole hole, a portal to another
world or even another temporal dimension.

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