Black ring of unknown originformed over brazil

In mid-August this year, residents of a small Brazilian
Apeu villages witnessed a mysterious phenomenon. In the sky above
a huge black ring appeared in the village on a white day, slowly
floating through the air among the clouds. Turning on the one below
recording, you can also hear surprised and scared exclamations
Brazilians. Some eyewitnesses even began to pray to God, believing
what happened out of the ordinary.

But what really happened here? Similar dark circles
noticed before in the sky over Russia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain,
Portugal and many other countries of the world, however
failed to accurately determine their nature. Some specialists
hypothesize that it’s about smoke rings
pipes of plants and power plants. However, in Apeu like
industrial buildings are not and never have been.

Much more interesting assumptions can be voiced by supporters.
supernatural theories. Some of them, of course, believe that
before us is the result of the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. For others, the mysterious rings are
nothing else but unexplored conscious entities.
Finally, there are individuals who are convinced that this
portals through which you can allegedly get into other dimensions.

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