Boomerangum ufo filmed overAustralia

Amazing footage depicting unidentified flying
Object in the form of a boomerang, appeared on the World Wide Web. Movie was
received in Australia, which seemed to many web users
quite logical: for this country for some reason constantly circling

Miranda Resident in New South Wales
tells me that she was driving with her grandson in the evening in the car and, by chance
glancing at the sky, I saw in the sky a bright pink UFO with a long
light tail. This sight impressed the woman so much that she
stopped the car, went out with the boy and filmed
�”Alien boomerang” on a mobile phone camera.

Australian tells:

This unidentified flying object could not be confused with
by plane. He looked like a huge boomerang and glowed in
rays of the setting sun. He drew a long arc across the sky, then
fled from our sight. We could not take our from him
Looks at how impressive it was. I asked my grandson,
what he thinks about this, but he could not find what he saw
logical explanation. When I showed the video to my relatives,
they were shocked no less than ours. Many even refused
believe that these are real shots. I’ve seen a lot in my life
strange things, but I confess, this caught my eye

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