�”Borg Cube” re-spotted near the Sun

Mysterious giant cube near the Sun, and the size is as much as
our planet again got into the lens of space station cameras
NASA studying star. In the first days of this month, the famous
all-paranormal researcher from Taiwan Scott Waring (Scott
Waring) discovered mysterious pictures taken during the project
NASA-SOHO, and hurried to share them with their colleagues
ufologicheskoy shop.

Journalists, and even the publisher is interested in this fact.
Express, immediately gave the name of the object – the Borg Cube (fictional
high-tech extraterrestrial race of cyborgs from the movie “Star
way “and many similar computer games). And although the message
Scott caused a certain resonance in the media, none of the scientists and even
conspiracy theorists still cannot clearly explain what is it

The fact is that a cubic object near the Sun is clearly not
natural creation in mind too correctly the shape of this figure.
On the other hand, it’s too huge, let’s say, for a ship
aliens But it is not even this that the researchers are concerned about, but the fact that
the shooting angle was too fantastic, as if near a star
not a three-dimensional object, but some kind of two-dimensional projection. One word
– riddle! However, it is becoming familiar to researchers.
paranormal phenomena …

In this case, an additional sensation to her was the message
one of the users of the Beforeitsnews resource (nickname – Indian in the
machine) that he is a contactee with aliens from the constellation
Pleiades whose ships are currently present near
The sun Moreover, these aliens are supposedly planning to come
days arrange for the earth a solar storm which is on a few
months on the planet will cut down all the electronics – and this is for our
civilization is equivalent to the end of the world. So much for the long-awaited

True, some conspiracy therapists reassure us that
Indian in the machine message can be a normal throw: on this
There are some considerations:

  • first, the mysterious cube near the Sun appears periodically,
    let’s say it hung there last autumn, and nothing
    nothing special happened then;
  • secondly, it somehow strangely coincided with Scott’s information
    Waring, as if someone specifically used it to
    disturb, say, the equilibrium on world markets;
  • and finally, scientists have not yet noticed any natural or even
    artificial activity of the Sun, and the intended (called
    self-proclaimed contactee) the attack start date has already passed –
    that is, the end of the world was again a trap for naive minds.

Anyway, write ufologists in the comments to this sensation,
scattered across many sites and even print media, and the fact
the periodic appearance of a strange cube near the Sun causes
perplexity and understandable excitement. Moreover, in this regard
there is no reaction from official science, as if scientists
they do not even notice this anomaly threatening us with what it is …

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