BPEarthWatch reported: to the atmosphereEarth entered a huge UFO

Agency BPEarthWatch, which clearly keeps track of everything
ionization paths of meteors burning in the Earth’s atmosphere,
reported that a huge UFO entered the atmosphere of the planet, clearly
artificial origin which with a great deal of confidence
You can take for a ship aliens.

It happened on the night of 2 to 3 December. Here is how it explains
A BPEarthWatch Agency Radar Officer incident:

Meteors behave very differently, they, getting into the upper layers
atmosphere, easily detected by signatures using receivers
ultrashort waves. All meteors contain the so-called false
the signal “Sporadic E”, rejected by the ionosphere from the incoming trace
bodies, which is then processed and converted into visual data.
The large object in question did not contain such a false
signal. Moreover, the UFO was not only of enormous size, it entered
atmosphere at a rate not characteristic of meteors, which was clearly
abnormal for natural cosmic bodies because none
a meteor cannot echo for so long.

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