Brazilian gynecologist found a unique methodstruggle with prenatal pain

It sounds like science fiction, because it’s very simple, like everyone
brilliant. Brazilian gynecologist Fernando Gudes da Cunha invented
a unique method that helps the future moms best
to cope with prenatal pains – he dances with them.

Usually pregnant women just before delivery simply
kept on cots, offering to relax with the help of the TV,
However, this did not help much. But Gudes da Cunha invites
women dancing, which, as practice has shown, is so drastically
changes the mood of future mothers, removes their fears of childbirth and
generally raises the vitality that can be compared with this
only a narcotic effect on a person. Only in this
case a pregnant woman gets her own “drug”,
which does not torment, but heals, and in the first place – eliminates pain.
Almost all women after such dances give birth easily and painlessly,
in the worst case, the pain is insignificant (as if dancing), however
one of them no longer needs narcotic painkillers

And Internet users were simply delighted when
saw a dancing psychiatrist with future moms, they just
fell in love with him that can be judged by the many positive
reviews and best wishes to this brilliant doctor:

Fernando is a great doctor! Fernando is a genius! Keep it up –
Fernando! It is a pity that the video is so short – you can watch it

True, there are a few skeptical remarks when
simple-hearted well-wishers advise women to be more careful
because this charming doctor is so easy to fall in love with. But
can this happen if Fernando Gudes da Cunha does everything
it is from a pure soul, and with full responsibility for the fact that
not just dancing with these women, does he treat them? He is a gynecologist
– and nothing more, but of course he is a genius! ..

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