Brazilian predictor who nevermistaken about the future of the earth

This unique clairvoyant who is jokingly (or seriously?)
called the Brazilian Nostradamus, name is Hucelino Nobrega de Luz.
Clairvoyance came to him as a child, when he began
to see prophetic dreams – predictions. First, regarding their
relatives, then celebrities. Now he is remembered because
in his prophecies he mentioned 2018 …

The formation of the Brazilian oracle

In 1979, Husselin first saw the prophetic dream associated with
Princess Diana, who is broken by car, but all of his
Attempts to prevent this catastrophe were unsuccessful.
First, Nobrega de Luz was an unknown 19-year-old at the time.
a guy, and therefore his letters to Brazilian President Fernando Enrique
Cardoso, most likely, no one even took it seriously. but
later, as the dreams of Lady Di’s death continued to haunt
Huselino, he sends warning letters to the princess and to the most
Europe’s famous newspapers, say the English The Times – nothing
helped: August 31, 1997, as you know, Diana died in an accident in

Approximately the same picture was with the attack on the trade
Center September 11, 2001. And although at that time Nobrega de Luz was
already quite famous clairvoyant who was respected in Brazil and
listened to his predictions, in the USA they only remembered them
after what happened.

True, in Brazil itself its predictions soap brought
benefits. What is the use of that, Huselino foresaw the death of the Brazilian
race car driver Ayrton Senna, a plane crash that will die
presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, and more. what
destined to come true – come true. About this sad phenomenon of powerlessness
clairvoyants change anything in this world wrote at one time still
the great American oracle Edgar Cayce.

For all his practice, the Brazilian Nostradamus prevented only
crash of JJ4732 flight Sao Paulo – Paulista Avenue in November
2014 The company has dabbled in the warning of its famous
oracle and changed flight number to JJ3720. Plane crash not
happened, but even in this case most people thought such
rearrangement of children’s toys.

Brazilian Predictor Disappointments

This is why Nobrega de Luz himself believes that he is much more efficient.
work with ordinary people who believe in you and try to avoid
destined to fate. And even in this case, not everything works,
However, there are more positive results.

Has a Brazilian Nostradamus and sad experience with
the US government, which in its time unsuccessfully sought in Iraq
the dictator of this country is Saddam Hussein, who, like later
it turned out to be safely hiding from the CIA and the US military under
land in a special bunker 15 kilometers from Tikrit. Promising
a $ 15 million reward to anyone who points out a hiding place
Hosein, the United States government did not even hope
success, because in Iraq itself no one would have
betrayal for no money, but to an outsider it was not
given to know. But not Huselino, who pointed out where he was hiding.
Iraqi dictator.

Not even looking at trying to get a fee due to him
the court, Nobrega de Luz, as they say, was left with a nose: the government
The United States did not even think to pay him for his prophetic service. AND
it serves him as many Internet users believe.
Firstly, I found someone to get involved with, and secondly, it’s not very
nobly communicate to a person, even if not very good with
точки зрения утверждений мировых СМAND. Journalists are known
corrupt people, which turned out to be true: Saddam Hussein
No nuclear weapons developed, and the Americans executed it,
having no international right to it, let alone
moral. It is thought that the Brazilian Nostradamus today and this itself
understands better than others …

Brazilian predictor of the future of the Earth

what касается предсказаний для той или иной страны, для мира в
Overall, the Hucelino Nobrega de Luz rarely makes them. AND даже не
because it does not see any sense in it (still nothing
change!), just such prophetic dreams he barely dreams. None
however, about the year 2018, he has a prophecy. He says that in
The current period is a huge probability of a cosmic catastrophe:
our Earth may encounter a huge asteroid, right,
oracle does not see planetary misfortune in this.

But according to his prophetic dreams, by 2043 in the world
only 20 percent of the current population will remain
the planets. 80 percent of earthlings will die as a result of a catastrophe,
which will be blamed for humanity itself …

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