�”Breathing Road” filmed after an earthquake inMexico

September 19 in the Mexican states of Morelos and Puebla, as well as in
agglomeration of Mexico City the most powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.1
points 310 people died, and another 4883 were seriously injured. AT
The disaster also destroyed more than 40 structures.
When the cataclysm stopped, one strange was waiting for the residents of the capital
opening. This is a mysterious phenomenon, the nature of which no one
not yet managed to determine.

Right on one of the main streets of Mexico City a small area
the roads began to make mysterious fluctuations, rising up and
dropping back. Surprised locals immediately called it
the phenomenon of “breathing road” and began to shoot it is not a video.
ATпрочем, далеко не все горожане оказались впечатлены данной
anomaly. Many of them ran and even passed through it.
ATозможно, большинство мексиканцев просто были серьезно озабочены
catastrophe and its consequences, without giving a big
meanings that the road spontaneously moved, even
right under their feet or wheels.

Пользователи ATсемирной паутины выдвинули несколько теорий
regarding the causes of the “breathable road”. Alone the regulars
The Internet believe that the plates on the roadway continued
to make movements due to weak tremors. According to
others, the fault was pavement, which
because of the earthquake it felt like a spring. Third and all
suggest that an enormous monster like Godzilla is sleeping under the ground,
whose heavy breathing and raises slabs. And they fall back,
say, under its own weight.

It seems most probable and scary to be that
This Godzilla can act volcanic gases – forerunners
New earthquake …

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