Brewers resurrected the yeast and cooked oldbeer

In 1977, a vessel was discovered in Sydney Bay, which,
as it turned out, it rested on the bottom of the Bass Strait for almost two centuries:
the ship, judging by the raised documents, left the coast of Tasmania in
In 1797, he never came to the destination bay – he disappeared without
to lead.

One of the trophies of submariners who examined the sunken
корабль, были бутылки с beerм. The foam drink itself is, of course, not
could survive for such a long period of “underwater storage”. BUT
because the unique bottles went straight to the museum, becoming part of
Exposure of the Queen Victoria Museum of the City of Launceston.

However, quite recently one of the most influential curators of this
museum exhibition, which concurrently turned out
beerваром-любителем, загорелся идеей реанимировать старинное

Таким образом, одна из музейных бутылок с beerм отправилась в
научно-исследовательский институт вина BUTделаиды – столицы южного
побережья BUTвстралии. Here are experts, great experts on their
case, isolated from the liquid about thirty different stamps
yeast. And lo and behold: one of them proved to be viable.

После этого опытные beerвары начали проводить эксперименты с
using these, as they themselves dubbed them, “zombie yeast.”
It took some time, but as a result of trial and error
born porter called “The Wreck”. Это темное beer с
fairly dense malt composition, having light floral and
strawberry flavors.

Получается, что старинное beer добралось до потребителя через
two centuries, now you can try it in one of the bars on
shore of sydney bay. Not say say
beerвары-реаниматоры, что beer получилось на сто процентов таким,
what it was at that distant time, but it certainly has
a piece of old taste, strength and, most importantly, unique
yeast sourdough …

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