Bright UFO flew over Tyumen

One of the residents of Tyumen recently managed to capture on video
UFO in the form of a bright ball that flew completely silent,
slowly and not too high above the ground at sunset.

Unfortunately, the quality of the video turned out, as they say in Russia,
so hot, since the shooting was, apparently, on the most common
a smartphone, and not with the most advanced video camera in it. but
interesting story about the author’s UFO, here is what he told:

At first I noticed a mysterious light in the sky, it came from
an object that was in the air at about two
kilometers away from me And my eye distinguished that the light comes from
dark flat disk, although in general it was perceived as
bright plasma ball. UFO flew in my direction, and as this
approximation, the glow became brighter, while behind him the disk
did not become visible at all. Then the glow suddenly disappeared, and I saw
same disk but about three times larger and this
the spherical object was very clearly “drawn” in the evening
the sky.

The man remembered in time and managed to still take video
mysterious object in the sky, so that we can
to join the flight of another alien machine, because
ufologists have already determined that the video doesn’t look like editing, and
because a resident of Tyumen actually managed to meet with something
mysterious. UFO was clearly not of earthly origin …

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