Brilliant black dome found on the surfacesatellite of jupiter

Overseas enthusiasts made a very intriguing discovery,
looking at pictures of Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter and
the largest cosmic body of this kind in the Solar
the system. In his crater Kensu was a mysterious object
suspiciously like a giant dome of brilliant dark

The famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring, who became
one of the authors of the find, convinced that we are talking about an alien
a city that is hidden under a huge glossy hemisphere, not
permeable destructive cosmic radiation. According to
explorer, this city (or base) can still be populated
�”Green men”. It sounds, of course, like pure fiction,
however, no other explanation of the origin of the mysterious object
can not give.

Representatives of the US National Space Agency
put this image on your official website along with
many other satellite images of Ganymede. None
Explanatory signatures of the staff of the department did not. Ufologists
NASA has long been criticized for not wanting to reveal to the world public
the whole truth about what happens outside of our planet. And this
despite the fact that NASA annually “eats” tens of billions of dollars
American taxpayers.

The strangest thing is that aerospace agency scientists are constantly
publish these photos, but stubbornly refuse to admit that
These materials reveal something surprising and potentially
sensational. This suggests to conspiracy therapists that
NASA has found the easiest way to hide the truth – by demonstrating it
the general public without comment: guess, they say,
yourself if you can …

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