British athlete filmed a ghost inhis garden

Even if you’ve seen a lot of videos on the Internet
supposed ghosts, this video may surprise you.
It is noteworthy that he was shot not by anyone, but by the well-known British
hockey player on the grass Sam Kvek. 29-year-old athlete claims
that she didn’t believe so far in supernatural
phenomena, however, what the surveillance camera recently recorded in
her garden made the Olympic gold medalist review her
attitude to mysticism. The mysterious video quickly circled the Internet,
riveting the attention of researchers paranormalschiny and simple
the townsfolk.

By including the video below, you can see the night
the garden of our heroine near her home in the Wirral English district
Merseyside County. At first, nothing is remarkable on the record
happens, but then it’s not clear where the two are flying from
cushions. Sam swears that the pillows were always in her
the living room, and that night they inexplicably moved
out. However, this is not the most interesting. If you look at
ominous frames more attentively, then you can see a small whitish
a figure that spreads the bedding around the area,
moving there at lightning speed. Mysterious silhouette
leaves behind a light trail, and at the end of the recording literally
teleports a couple of meters to the side, then sharply
dissolves in the air. Such a frank video will surely make
believe in the phantoms of even the most seasoned materialist.

Is it possible that some mischievous person from the other world took away
living room Kvek pillows and scattered them on the site of a woman? Hockey player
claims that now she is afraid to be in her own house, and
If the devilry repeats, then our heroine will have to apply for
help to specialists – do not sell your favorite cottage? Some
British researchers of paranormal phenomena already
analyzed the sensational video and found it authentic. First
ghostbusters believed that the athlete is engaged
a hoax for even greater glory, but their
assumptions were not confirmed. Whatever materializes (nor
manifested in our material world) in Sam’s garden that night, just
disappeared without a trace, it was real. And there is no
guarantees that the mischievous ghost does not appear in the Kvek house again …

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