British beach has shrouded the mysterious poisonfog

About 150 people were hospitalized and hundreds of others
proved injured after exposure to the mysterious poisonous
fogа, опустившегося на побережье английского графства Восточный
Sussex. Vacationers had to be evacuated from the popular beach.
Byrling Gap after they started complaining about vomiting, burning in
eyes, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations and other
symptoms similar to signs of poisoning.

Some eyewitnesses say that ominous toxic haze
appeared literally out of nowhere. Others report that she is clearly
came from the sea. One way or another, the British and visiting tourists were
forced to flee from the beach to remain unharmed. According to
witnesses, first a strong smell of chlorine appeared on the coast, and
many thought that there was a chemical leak somewhere. None
however, the experts who arrived at the scene analyzed
air composition and did not find traces of chlorine in it. In addition, no
there were no accidents at the nearest industrial enterprises
fixed. Загадочный fog объяснить с научной точки зрения
It turned out not so easy. In a word, mysticism, and only.

Representatives of the local fire and rescue service note that
the presence of chlorine in the air is unlikely, since the poisoning would be
more massive and serious. None менее, чиновники не в состоянии
explain where this poisonous mist came from. Living on the coast
citizens were advised to keep the doors and windows of their houses
closed and, if possible, do not go out yet.
Rescuers hope that this is a single case, and not about
a full-blown disaster that will be repeated.

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