British celebrity believes thatphotographed a ghost lying in the bath

30-year-old British TV star and media personality Vicky Pattison
claims to have accidentally photographed something
supernatural. According to the woman, she is resting together now.
with his fiance John Noble in the Republic of South Africa.
Taking a few days ago a bathroom at the hotel, our heroine did
snapshot of your legs. After seeing the resulting image,
the celebrity was confused and even scared.

A bright spot formed on the surface of the water, reflecting light and
suspiciously resembling a woman’s face. Especially distinguished right
an ephemeral lady’s eye that looks quite realistic, like a fragment
the pictures. Some users of the Instagram social network, where
Pattison posted a mysterious photo, also noticed a small
ominous hand, as if growing from where the ghost should be
left eye. Vicky admits that this discovery made her
flinch more than once. Lovers even changed the hotel to
be away from the habitat of the intended phantom of
thin, most likely beyond the world.

Many TV star fans definitely decided that it was in the very
a ghost affair. Others say that this is paradolic
illusions, and commentators take freaky eyes for a ghostly eye
bubble. Still others believe that this is a photomontage. One way or another, and without
Moreover, the famous British woman managed to attract attention not only
rank-and-file regulars of the World Wide Web, but also those who
interested in paranormal and afterlife.

Of course, today it is not difficult to make any fantastic photo in
Photoshop, especially if you have a desire to draw to
attention to yourself. However, on the other hand, if you encounter
something paranormal and it scares and amazes you to the core,
rest assured that most of the people you tell or
even show something, do not believe it. In the past, it seemed that
for reliability and credibility it is not enough photo and
video about ghosts. And no one then, alas, did not guess
that neither the pictures nor the videos in this regard do not solve anything. Even
if you bring a living trait and show it in evidence
existence of the next world, it will convince not everyone, but rather
the effect will be the opposite …

And then, not for nothing they say: be afraid to be photographed, because
that the subtle world surrounds us everywhere and constantly, and
to contact him through modern digital technology, at least
and tempting, but – dangerous …

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