British celebrity photographed descendantfrom the next world

British singer, model and TV presenter Katie Price is already
long time enjoys spiritualism and supernatural
phenomena. The 39-year-old celebrity is convinced that her house in Sussex
населен многочисленными выходцами from the next world.

To prove it to her fans, a woman calls her
the home of mediums, conducts rituals with a spiritualist board and just
walks around the house at night, photographing mirrors and dark

To the surprise of the Englishwoman herself, a few nights ago to her,
supposedly managed to capture one paranormal
roommate in the picture.

The frame below shows, according to Kathy, ominous
pale face in the darkness of her corridor. Price sure it looks like
on a bare skull. Briton even suggests that this frightening
the entity can be a real demon from the underworld.
Mysterious photo, published by a star in Instagram,
caused a hot discussion among her fans.

The overwhelming majority of commentators sincerely believed in
what the singer caught in the camera lens of a mobile phone is something
supernatural that huddles in her mansion. That’s what she wrote
your fans Price:

Oh my goodness, I am shocked that I managed to capture
it’s on cam! I see so many ghost figures and faces here, but
before they ever fell into the pictures. I’m not scared at all
rather I want to know more about these entities. What are they here
do? Why coexist with my family? Maybe they think that
this is their home? The mansion is very old and has the memory of a multitude
what happened here. Until we purchased it, it was more
two years for sale, and no one except us, did not want it
buy. True, one psychic to whom we turned for
help, I considered that my aura attracts spirits, that is, everything
it’s my energy, and not this house.

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