British painter paints wholemegalopolises

43-year-old Briton Stephen Wiltshire is considered the most unique
artist of our time, because he draws from memory, without mistaking
in one detail of what he saw.

At the age of 3, he was diagnosed with savant syndrome, i.e.
developmental disorder in which a person nonetheless possesses
the so-called “island of genius.”

Stephen’s outstanding ability was drawing the most complex
landscapes from memory. A man just needs to take a look at
a bird’s-eye metropolis to further portray
on the canvas every seen building with an incredible degree
detail and believability.

For example, Wiltshire was able to put on a 6-meter sheet of paper a whole
the panorama of Manhattan, just flying over New York on
by helicopter. The work of the Briton is distinguished by the highest degree
realistic and at the same time artistic (this is not far
photos), why have a huge demand among collectors.
By the way, many experts tried to find in the pictures of the artist
at least one extra or missing window in any building
let’s say in the background, however their searches were not crowned
by success. Wiltshire has a truly photographic memory.

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