British politician revealed the secret of Loch Nessmonsters

This week in the British Parliament something quite happened
kinda Two representatives of the House of Commons discussed the existence
Лох-несского monsters, и один из них вдруг сообщил, что его
his own great-uncle was one of the first people who
saw in the last century the legendary Nessie. Such a statement immediately
interested cryptozoologists from all over the world.

It all started with the fact that Member of Parliament Drew Hendry,
representing Scotland in the House of Commons, spoke of increasing
tourists in cities under its jurisdiction, in particular in
Inverness, considered the birthplace of the famous cryptide. Politician
mentioned the mysterious monster, saying that the mythical creature
invariably attract travelers from many countries
the planets.

However, Hendry himself does not seem to believe too much in the monster and
considers it more likely a successful marketing move to attract
tourists. Upon hearing this, another parliamentarian, Bob Stewart, who is
an army officer and representing the Beckenham district of London,
unexpectedly surprised those present with a statement that Nessie
very real, and witness the appearance of the creature became his

Stuart told colleagues:

My great-uncle was then small and studied at
a preparatory school that stood on the shores of Loch Ness. And he
saw the monster with my own eyes. This case became one of those
who glorified Nessie and led to an unprecedented rise in local
tourism. All Scottish newspapers wrote about this. It happened in
1931 He and the other boy were returning from school when they saw
in the water a huge dark creature with a small head on a long neck.
When preschoolers told an adult about what happened, they called
journalists, and soon the story turned into a real sensation.
My relative lived all his life with this, and many knew him as
�”The same boy who saw Nessie.”

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