British prophet about what the world is waiting for in 2018year

British self-proclaimed prophet how his derogatory
referred to by some journalists as Craig Hamilton-Parker, however,
Brexit, the current owner of the White House Trump, accurately predicted
the tragedy in Las Vegas and more. Here you will involuntarily believe in
his prophecies for 2018.

First of all, Hamilton-Parker talks about environmental
the crisis that humanity is experiencing, and therefore natural
катаклизмы, ощутимые и в этом year, в следующем будут еще более
terrifying. Especially serious tragedies are waiting for Italy because of
eruptions of the volcano of Vesuvius, USA and Australia, where wild
fires, China and India due to terrible floods. And shake
the earth will be so that it will be felt even where earthquakes are not
never happened Caribbean will remain the “owner” of the strongest
hurricanes, and in the ice shelf of Antarctica, most likely, is formed
gigantic rift, its total destruction will begin, which will lead
to the formation of numerous icebergs and obstruct the patency
ships in the waters of the southern seas, not to mention the more serious
the consequences.

In political life will also “blaze fires and
raging hurricanes. ” For example, an attempt will be made
Trump’s overthrow, unsuccessful for now, but the people of North Korea are successfully
will overthrow his dictator Kim Jong-un. The world can erupt
pandemic of terrible flu, most likely due to the use of
biological weapons. Terrorists, in turn, will attempt
use chemical weapons in Western Europe – with
using drones. Russia and China will create the most powerful
economic and military alliance against United
States that, because of this, lose trade in the East, that
will be the beginning of the economic collapse of the once great power.

In general, 2018 will be difficult for the entire global economy, but the US
and the countries of Western Europe in this case will get to the full
the program.

This is how Hamilton-Parker summarized these, like many others
(smaller, which we did not mention here), their

Of course, rather dark prophecies, but this is external foam, in
Overall, I feel the rise of spirituality among all nations of the world,
especially among Russians, what can be called the forerunner of a new gold
century for our planet. Difficulties are known to unite good
people and, conversely, divide the bad. So all the trials that
waiting for us – only for the better!

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