British scientists trained in the laboratorythe spider

Researchers at the University of Manchester UK
выдрессировали самку the spider-скакуна из вида Phidippus regius, чтобы
explore the amazing abilities of this arthropod.

Для своего эксперимента английские ученые использовали the spider по
Nickname Kim weighing 150 milligrams and a length of 15 millimeters.
The arthropod was placed in a special container where it was
forced to jump in height and in length with one tiny
platform to another.

Using high-resolution video cameras, specialists
запечатлели перемещение the spider в замедленной съемке. Turning on
the video below, you can see this action with your own

Dr. Mostafa Nabavi, one of the authors of the study,

In our work, we focus on unusual abilities.
to jumping from spiders. Horse spider is able to overcome in one jump
a distance 6 times the length of his body, and this is at the start
from place. A man, by comparison, can jump to a height,
equal to the maximum of his height, and when jumping from a place to the side he
overcome the distance equal to a maximum of 1.5 of its growth. Strength,
оказываемая лапами the spider-скакуна во время взлета, может в 5 раз
превышать вес the spider. This is truly amazing, and if we understand
such biomechanics, we can use the knowledge gained in
other areas of research. For example, we plan to create
microscopic robots that will jump on so
impressive distances.

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