British woman faced in an old mansionplayful ghost

The Sun Theory interviewed a British woman who asked
leave her name incognito, who faced the other day with
inexplicable phenomenon: a ghost knocked at her house.

At the very least, it was fixed by a video surveillance camera in
the form of a flashed shadow. This is what the Briton told:

That day I was at home doing the usual household chores.
when suddenly … someone knocked on the door of my private
mansion. I went to open the door, but something to me
guarded, but because previously looked at the window from which
the porch was visible. To my surprise, near the threshold of the front door
There was no one.

I immediately remembered the robberies of private houses, about which
reported by local media, and therefore thought that the robber is checking
in such a way, is there anyone at home: will knock, and he will hide and
watching from somewhere. Since I am working as a deputy director of one of
city ​​security companies, I have a good system in my house
video surveillance covering just the front door. I have seen
The last recording of the camera and … horrified. The fact is that no
I did not find the robber in the video, but on a brick wall in this
time flashed a strange shadow. I immediately thought of a ghost, and
I was a little scared …

Further, the journalists reported from the words of the British that she went
neighbors, in order to find out whether someone like that had knocked them
in a strange way, as if with hooligan intentions that
teenagers are often affected. However, the neighbors do not like anything
noticed why the woman felt that the ghost for some unknown
the reason I chose her house, and what should she do now, she’s not even

The fact is that the British woman lives in a Victorian mansion
era, and moved here recently. And as soon as
moved, immediately faced with some weirdness of this house,
for example, it seemed to her that the old building was somehow negative
affected her memory. So, the hostess could close the book and even
remove it, and then looks – and that is again on the table, and even open on
the page where she stopped reading. And so small
there have been more and more misunderstandings lately, and then
this mysterious knock on the door, and the shadow … of the ghost.

Maybe this is a phantom of a man who never lived here
is a woman asking herself? And although no one warned me that I
I buy a house with a ghost, in England it happens all the time –
old mansions almost all keep some kind of mystical
secrets about which the owners and realtors, most often, not
spread …

The British are not going to leave the mansion, which she is very
like, because of some ghost, hoping that it is not very
aggressive. Maybe it’s the ghost of a child, she suggests.
too he is naughty. Take at least the same knock on the door …

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