British writer pointed out the place thathave chosen a UFO

British writer Jean Bradley claims county
Warwickshire and especially its small town Rugby are the center
UFO pilgrimages and aliens. At least she says
it is here that they are most active within the whole
Foggy Albion.

About this writer tells reporters “Vlad Time”, and
also in his new book, People Should Know the Truth, describing in
first of all their personal encounters with alien ships.

The first time I saw a UFO back in the late eighties
the last century, when I was traveling with my husband in a car by the most usual
Warwickshire County Road on a very ordinary sunny day. Suddenly
we were covered by a dark shadow like a thundercloud, which is why I am very
I was surprised because I hadn’t seen even large
of clouds. I looked out of the car window and saw that above us
hanging mysterious apparatus in the form of a triangle. And the UFO continued
descend slowly, as if aiming at our car, closing
its from the sun with its shadow. But apparently, we did not suit him for some
parameters, why the device soon soared up and almost
instantly gone – it was sunny again …

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