Briton claims to have photographed twoaliens

A resident of the English city of Newton Abbot in Devon
claims that he managed to capture a couple of reasonable
alien organisms.

According to John Muner, he shot the sky with his camera Nikon P900
on a tripod, turning the lens to the east. The man looked through
viewfinder to the blue part of the sky where there were no clouds and in
a certain moment was noticed by an unidentified flying object,
unexpectedly in the frame. Our hero instantly brought a UFO and
began to examine it. With the increase it turned out that it was
not one object, but two.

John says:

It was like the number 8, turned 90 degrees, or
cell division under a microscope. Agree, very strange
spectacle, especially considering that it all flies in the sky, so I
I did not understand at all what I had witnessed. In the middle of each
the ball-shaped object was a translucent purple part, similar
on the porthole. I took one shot before something happened.
even more striking. Portholes opened and inside both UFOs
strange humanoid creatures appeared. I swear they watched
from afar right at me! I was shocked and scared to the core, but
managed to remove these things again. Finally, the aircraft became
drift away and disappear into the sky. Then I photographed them in the third and
last time. Such photos, of course, can only be obtained
once in a life.

The Briton said that he took these pictures on October 15, however
it took him two weeks to study them carefully and
process in the photo editor, achieving higher quality. TO
Unfortunately, at the time of the shooting, the “flying saucers” were far from
Muner, and therefore the quality of the images still did not work.
too high. However, the photographer insists that consider
humanoids, if desired, can be.

Despite the relatively large optical camera capabilities
Nikon P900, he says, it struck me that visually I
perceived the newcomers quite differently – more clearly and clearly, as if
they were very close, even their piercing eyes were remembered to me.
And the pictures turned out some vague images. Can,
aliensе специально подпортили кадры — для них это, я думаю, не
presents no difficulty …

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