Briton filmed the ghost of an old woman in hishome

36-year-old Luke Jackson from the United Kingdom claims
что в его home ютится призрак бывшей владелицы, которая скончалась
here at an old age 18 months ago. As
the evidence of his words the man gives a creepy picture
made by him recently near the stairs. Image demonstrates
mysterious translucent figure, really similar to
hunched gray old woman in a warm sweater.

Our hero lives in the English city of Sheffield, South County
Yorkshire and landscape design. A few days ago he
woke up early in the morning and, being unable to sleep more,
decided to go outside to smoke. Approaching the stairs at first
floor, the Briton heard from there quiet steps, very unlike the
the tread of his household. Looking down, surprised Luke saw this
ephemeral human silhouette. Jackson mechanically pulled out of his pocket
a smartphone and once photographed a ghost, after which it
evaporated in the air. Fortunately for the researcher, the mysterious descendant
From the other world well imprinted on this frame.

A freelance artist says that he didn’t believe his
eyes, however, then remembered all the strange events that
occurred in a new home with him and his family in recent months,
и понял, что в home обитает привидение. Already comparative long
time in these walls spontaneously turn on and off
light bulbs open the doors themselves and at night from the corridor
incomprehensible sounds are heard. An older woman who lived here
a year and a half ago, had problems with movement and could not
self-climb to the second floor. Maybe it can not do
she still? More precisely, her spirit? Others, maybe the opposite:
now this phantom recoups its real estate in recent years,
therefore does not leave his home, enjoying the easy movement
by his rooms.

Many users of the World Wide Web distinguish this photo.
an old woman wearing a dark dress and a purple blouse.
The ghostly old woman tries to open one of the doors. Snapshot
as reported by Luke Jackson, was made by him in about half
the third morning. It is noteworthy that at this time, if you believe
esoteric and mysticism, the line between our physical and the world of the dead
becomes thinner, so in physical reality it is often
various supernatural guests materialize: sometimes
kind, sometimes neutral, and sometimes even aggressive. therefore
fear this devilish time from 3 to 5 in the morning and never
start doing something at this time …

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