Briton married the ghost of a pirate

45-year-old resident of the UK Amanda Teague, tired of waiting
perfect man, decided to marry a 300-year-old ghost pirate
named jack. A woman, with the support of friends and relatives,
including five children from a previous marriage, went by boat to
international waters near ireland to spend there
wedding ceremony with a native of the grave. According to our heroine,
the fact that her lover is dead does not bother her at all.

Briton says she met her chosen one in 2014
year The circumstances of this meeting, as you might guess, were
very unusual and mysterious. Amanda was lying at night in her
bed and suddenly felt next to the presence of some
invisible entity. Surprised Teague pulled spiritualist board
Ouiju, and the invisible power began to be led by
letters and numbers telling a woman her story. It turned out that
it was the spirit of a Haitian pirate who died in the 1700s. Jack
turned out to be a real gentleman and eventually asked if he could
claim the heart of the lady he likes.

Если верить Аманде, то она и Jack проводят время, как обычная
couple: newlyweds argue, go on dates and even do
love Despite the fact that our heroine does not know what she looks like
a ghostly husband, she is convinced that in life he was the most beautiful
a man in the world. The newly spouse believes that her and
Haitian brought together the unusual work of a woman. Tig is
актрисой, переодевающейся в капитана Jackа Воробья — главного героя
popular adventure film franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean

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