Briton photographed a mysterious whiteghost by the river

The usual resident of the English city of Burton-upon-Trent was extremely
puzzled when he saw an unknown figure standing on the bank of a river
Trent is a hundred meters away.

John Anderson says he sailed recently on a boat along with
Lewis’s son when they saw something strange on the shore. White
the human silhouette, who took it from nowhere, stood among the bare
winter vegetation and seemed to look straight at our heroes.
A father and son once photographed a supposed ghost and
hurried away from there. John told the media:

I rode with my son on an inflatable boat, and we have already gathered
return home when they noticed a mysterious white figure near
water. I honestly don’t know exactly how she looked because
This Something was relatively far away from us. The figure was similar to
man and strikingly stood out from the surrounding landscape. it
it was not too nice. Lewis and I just put on our boots,
to go back. I suggested to my son to go there and
see what it is, but he got scared and asked me to float away
As soon as possible. I don’t really believe in ghosts and other mystics,
but this is a very strange occurrence. We even managed
take a picture of this thing. The most incomprehensible that the white silhouette
appeared there literally from nowhere. If someone came to
shore, we would have noticed it before. And here he is like
materialized near the water in an instant. I guess there is a world
phenomena that cannot be explained rationally.

Journalists of the local publication “Burton Mail” sent a photo
British medium and researcher of supernatural phenomena Ian
Griffiths. The specialist carefully studied the mysterious frame and made
The following conclusion:

The image is definitely authentic and not exposed.
retouching. I assume that the picture captures the spirit of a young woman.
at the age of 24-25 years. People often drown in Trent, so
The ghostly activity here is very high. In addition, there is no time
magical rituals were performed. For example, known in our area
the witch Andressi Bridge came here at the end of the 17th and the beginning
18th centuries to conduct their dark rites. Someone even says
that she sacrificed someone else’s newborn babies.

It is rather curious that last July on this very river
photographed a similar white fisherman figure Clive Lloyd, also
living in burton upon trent. Therefore, the version that John Anderson with
Son faced a ghost, very believable. it косвенно
confirms and intuition of the child who did not want to approach
ghost – children are thinner and more truly perceive this world, because their
consciousness is not completely clouded by logical patterns …

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