Briton took off into the sky on a hundred airballs

Remember the cartoon “Top”, where the main character tied to his
дому тысячи воздушных balls, чтобы поднять его в воздух и
go on a trip?

38-year-old British traveler Tom Morgan from Bristol decided
do a similar trick. Используя сотню наполненных гелием balls,
he flew into the sky in a folding chair, reaching a height of 2.4

The Englishman and his assistants from the company “Adventurers”,
two days filled the balls with volatile gas so that Morgan could come off
from the land near the South African city of Johannesburg. Before
The British tried to do it in Botswana, however they ran into
insurmountable difficulties due to the weather. However, this time
everything went just perfect.

Morgan overcame a distance of more than 25 kilometers, after which
поочередно проткнул несколько balls и таким образом плавно и
landed safely.

Describing his impressions of such an amazing flight, Tom
told reporters:

It was incredibly cool! The feeling is just awesome
which is difficult to convey in words, even the most enthusiastic!
Imagine, you are carried by the wind over the expanses of Africa, while you
sit in the usual chair, and above you an armful of colored balls –
as if they were in a fairy tale …

He also admitted that during the climb he felt something
mean between horror and glee. The man admitted:

If something had gone completely wrong,
the consequences would be unpredictable for me. They say in the South
America was a priest who tried to do the same
a few years ago and just did not return to earth – either disappeared in
the sky, or in the expanses of this mysterious continent …

Now, Tom Morgan, inspired by the first success, is already
making plans for organizing air races on balls under the auspices of
his company “Adventurers”. Moreover, it is completely
I am sure that there will be extreme lovers for it – more than enough …

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